2013 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee


Over the weekend we were contacted by the good people Ninjamatics and notified that the #OwnGrowProtect blog has been nominated in 3 categories for the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards.

Elan Morga's 2013 Canadian Wenlog Awards Ninjamatics

The First Foundation #OwnGrowProtect blog has been nominated for the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards in the Business & Careers, Finance and Topical Categories.

Alright, so where do we go from here? Well, the process looks something like this.

  • December 1st - The top 5 Finalists in each category will be announced
  • December 7th - The top 3 Winners in each category will be announced

So how can you help? Well actually, you cant, and that is what we like about the Canadian Weblog Awards. The awards have no system of public voting because they are judged by a volunteer jury of bloggers and blog enthusiasts.

The Canadian Weblog Awards is not a popularity contest rather nominees are judged by the quality of their work!

We are very pleased to have received 3 nominations and look forward to seeing how everything shakes out. We work very hard to provide valuable content on the #OwnGrowProtect blog, it's nice to have your work validated.

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2013 Canadian Weblog Awards nominee

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