9+ Resources: Protect Yourself From Identity Theft [List]


You know, I think most of us have the feeling that we will never fall victim to identity theft, I know that I don't really think of it all that often. My credit card expired a couple months ago, and over the last month I have been getting calls from businesses wanting to update account information. I found myself just pulling out my wallet and blindly reading off my credit card information to a stranger on the phone... not too smart!

A few months ago, my mom was completely fooled by an Antivirus Software Sales Scam. In doing my research on it, I found almost the identical scam on the Government of Canada Competition Bureau website. My mom is certainly no dummy, the person on the other line was polished and took 45 minutes to execute the scam. Despite putting up several objections, in the end, my mom handed over both access to her personal computer and her credit card information.

Unfortunately there isn't a comprehensive list of all the scams you might be "taken' by, so I decided to put together a list of some of the country's best resources on Identity theft and fraud protection. If you have a story, please consider sharing it in the comments section, or if you have a resource not listed below, please consider adding it to the list!

Although there isn't a comprehensive list of scams... this comes pretty close. The Governments Little Black Book of Scams!

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