Regina Debt Consolidation

Regina Debt Consolidation

If you own more than 20% of the equity in your Regina home, you can use that equity to secure a debt consolidation loan that can help pay down higher-interest credit cards, lines of credit, and vehicle loans. Debt consolidation is a savvy financial move used by people from all walks of life to eliminate costly interest payments.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

Consistently low interest rates mean that a debt consolidation loan taken out against the equity in your Regina home will be cheaper than any credit or debt you are currently carrying. Even a difference of 2% can mean saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a loan. All you have to do is contact First Foundation, fill out an application, and your loan is very likely to be approved as long as you have more than 20% of the equity in your home paid down on your current mortgage.

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What You Can Borrow

Under new financing rules, you can borrow up to 80% of the value of your home with a Regina debt consolidation loan. While your credit rating will be a factor in what kind of interest rate you can get, our helpful Saskatchewan mortgage brokers can tell you exactly what you'll qualify for in a very short time when you contact us.

You Don't Have to Wait for Mortgage Renewal Time

Since our debt consolidation product is a loan and not a mortgage, you don't have to wait for your mortgage renewal date to take out a debt consolidation loan. Get rid of your higher interest debt right now, don't wait. The amount you will save in interest can be used for everyday expenses, to pay down your mortgage, or for investments. Debt consolidation reduces your interest payments and rolls everything into one easy monthly installment.

In addition to consolidating debt, you might be able to lower your interest rate and save even more money!

See How Much You Can Save

In this breakdown of a typical debt consolidation loan, you can see that the Smiths save close to a thousand dollars on their monthly bill payments. What can you do with an extra $1000 per month? The Smiths rolled car loans, credit cards, and lines of credit and their mortgage into one low, easy monthly payment, and they hardly had an excessive amount of household debt. In fact, your debt picture may look much the same as theirs.

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Mortgage Brokers Your Best Bet for Debt Consolidation

There are many untrustworthy companies out there which offer debt consolidation services. First Foundation's debt consolidation loans are solid products backed by top names in the industry, and we'll always get you the best rates. Being mortgage brokers, we have access to lenders that credit counselling companies just don't, and we'll look for the deals that cater to what you're looking for.

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Last updated Jan 14, 2019