Regina Mortgage Interest Rates

Regina Mortgage Rates

With a booming housing market and historically low mortgage rates, there's never been a better time to purchase a home or property in Regina. First Foundation has the mortgage brokers that can help you get it done with rates that will surprise you.

Great Time to Buy in Regina

Even though home sales are up in Regina, they're slow in the rest of the country. In a buyer's market, rates are traditionally kept low in order to encourage new sales. The new mortgage regulations introduced in 2012 had a large hand in softening the nationwide real estate market by making it difficult for first time home buyers to crack the market. Despite the new regulations, First Foundation has access to lenders and products that are still ideal for first time home buyers. If you can purchase a house, you should definitely consider doing so over renting with the historically low interest rates we're seeing for mortgages in Regina.

Solid Housing Market + Low Interest Rates = Great Time to Buy Property in Regina. Let's make that happen!

Our Rates are Better Than a Bank

According to most industry predictors, mortgage interest rates will not be increasing sharply any time soon. However, banks still like to wrestle as much profit as they can out of homebuyers when they're selling them a mortgage; they don't make their billions by being nice. As mortgage brokers, we make our money precisely by looking out for our clients. Our whole purpose is to find our clients the best Regina mortgage rates we can given their income and financial situation.

Our Terms are Better Than a Bank

Banks are wise to the rate discounts that mortgage brokers offer and are starting to price match. But where they get you is in the terms of the mortgage. A recent episode of CBC Marketplace revealed that all new mortgages at TD Canada Trust are required to be "collateral mortgages". These mortgages aren't just mortgages, but a complex mixture of a credit product and a traditional mortgage. While they allow home buyers to borrow additional money over the term of the mortgage, this isn't why the bank wants to force buyers into them. They want to force these terms because at mortgage renewal time, it's harder to switch lenders.

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A Mortgage Broker Works for You

A mortgage broker isn't just your personal shopper for the perfect mortgage. We'll act as your advocates and make sure all the paperwork from your lawyer, home inspector and other parties is filled out correctly and done according to the requirements of the lender we select for you. This leaves you more time to do the things that matter, like picking out new furniture.

Contact First Foundation today to find out how we can help you get the best rates in Regina for your new or existing mortgage.

Last updated Feb 11, 2019