Awesome September Mortgage Specials


We’ve had such a great year so far at First Foundation that we wanted to say thank you to our mortgage customers by offering you even greater savings for the month of September.

Any mortgage that funds in September through First Foundation is eligible for an additional 5 basis points off our already low interest rates.

This is something we’ve never done before because it’s kind of expensive. In fact, it costs us about $500 for every mortgage we do this for – but it can save you thousands in interest costs. A family with an average mortgage of $250,000 would save almost $1,500 in interest costs!

This is how the interest rate food chain looks, and why you benefit as a First Foundation customer:

*Bank’s posted rates > Bank’s discounted rates > Bank and Mortgage Lender Broker rates > First Foundation’s discounted September rates.*

If there’s a way we can save you money, we will do it every time. We want you to save money on your next mortgage and tell your friends and family about us so we can help them too.

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