CAAMP 2012 2013 Annual Report


CAAMP - the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals recently released their annual report for 2012/13. Now, I am not sharing this because I believe it to be a nice lite read, quite the opposite, the CAAMP Annual Return has lots of great information that can be used as reference.

"Affordability Remains Very Favourable..."
Will Dunning CAAMP Chief Economist

If you check out page 15 you will see my name listed as a Saskatchewan Broker Council member, I have been involved with CAAMP on the provincial level for a couple years now. From first hand experience I can let you know that CAAMP is a well run, credible outfit. I am proud to hold my CAAMP membership & AMP designation and it is my pleasure to work with some great people in Saskatchewan.

So without delay, here is the 2012 2013 CAAMP Annual report in its glorious 30 page entirety.

2012 2013 CAAMP Annual Report

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