Canadian Financial News Summary | October Week 1 2013


For a few months now, First Foundation has been curating lists of stores that affect the average Canadian household. This is my first attempt at a new format to share my thoughts on some of the stories that caught my eye.

Each month, our goal is to bring you the very best stories that deal with Canadian personal finance, mortgages & real estate.

So here is a video of highlighting one story from each collection. Below the video, are the appropriate links for reference. Enjoy!

October Week 1 2013 Summary

Canadian Personal Finance News

I really enjoyed Preet Banerjee's article called "When did we get comfortable with debt? It's time to start hating it again." I think Preet nails it here...

When I was a financial adviser, there were two traits that separated those who seemed to be naturally good with money from those who weren’t... they ran a surplus, and they knew that you earn interest, you don’t pay it." Preet Banerjee

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I have actually shared some of Preet Banerjee's materials before, check out this blog post "Debt is a four-letter word" where Preet shares his TedxUTSC Talk.

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Canadian Mortgage News

Gord McCallum shared this article "Why U.S. uncertainty could mean ultra-low rates for years — or even ‘decades to come’" from the Financial Post. It certainly goes against the doomsday prophets that seem to be circulate fear en masse lately.

"Interest rates on the key Canadian government bonds — which are used to price everything from mortgages to car loans — have fallen in nine of the last 12 sessions."

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Canadian Real Estate News

One story in particular caught my eye in the Canadian Mortgage & Real Estate Community this week: "Why a small-town couple can’t even give away their home".A couple in rural Ontario who were having a hard time selling their house got creative and figured they would give away their house instead... They put on a contest where they planned on collecting 3,000 letters with a $100 application fee each to make a total of $300,000, the estimated sale price! The best essay would win!

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If you have any comments on these or any of the stories posted this week, please consider throwing a comment in the box below. If you would like to collaborate with us on these lists, please let me know!

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