Canadian Mortgage Hangout - A Year in Review [List]


I can't believe it has been a year since we started producing the Canadian Mortgage Hangout. Initially Gord McCallum, Scott Dawson, The Rob Campbell and I were just talking a lot about the Canadian mortgage market on twitter, figured there must be a better platform, so we moved over to the Google+ chat. When mortgage rules changed, we decided to record a conversation about the changes and made it a weekly thing on Thursdays. I know I speak for the group when I say we have really enjoyed this last year. We certainly appreciate all the interaction on social media and every guest that has participated!

The Inaugural Episode of #cmhTV aired on June 21st 2012 - as it is almost a year to the day, I figured I would put together a short list highlighting some of our better viewed episodes. Enjoy!

The complete Canadian Mortgage Hangout library can be found here! Let us know your favorite episode!

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