Canadian Mortgage Hangout Apr 4th 2013


The old gang was back together again for this weeks episode of Canadian Mortgage Hangout. #cmhTV is a weekly live Google+ Broadcast where mortgage professionals in Canada discuss topics relevant to the broker channel. Our belief is that by sharing best practices and fostering open discussion, we can work together and ultimately provide a better customer service experience to those clients who secure mortgage financing through the broker channel, regardless of which broker they use.

Sometimes we talk about a lot of cool stuff and sometimes we wander off topic, squirrel... we invite you to judge for yourself! Catch the Canadian Mortgage Hangout on Thursdays at 10am PST/1pm EST at If you happen to miss the live broadcast, do not fret, you can always catch the reruns on the interwebs at the same address.


  • Gord McCallum - "Same haircut since Grade 6" @gordmccallum
  • Rob Campbell - "Tip, Top, Tippy until you don't stop" @therobcampbell
  • Scott Dawson - "Would rather be in Mexico than Toronto" @sdd
  • Jackson Middleton - "In a relentless pursuit of beef jerky" @kiltedbroker

*** Maybe you would like to come on as a guest, let us know... if not, you can always be heard by tweeting on #cmhTV or leaving comments below!


  • Are the big banks too big to fail?
  • Should tax payers be on the hook if a big bank takes a risk and flops?
  • How do you de-stress, if that is a thing
  • Setting client expectations
  • Work/Life Balance

*** Note, I wish I had a really cool legal disclaimer that I could put right here in this space, but I don't, so unfortunately this will have to do.

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