Canadian Mortgage Hangout | Boris Bozic


This weeks episode of the Canaidan Mortgage Hangout this morning featured special guest: Founder & CEO of MERIX Financial, Boris Bozic. Boris had so much to say about the mortgage and housing market in Canada that I felt it appropriate to share it with you.

Thanks to Leeanne O'Brien at MERIX Financial for all her great work on the technical side and promoting this weeks hangout, excellent viewership this week. It was a blast!

Also thanks to Boris Bozic for his continued innovation in the broker channel. The mortgage industry in Canada is in a better place because of the work Boris has done.

Canadian Mortgage Hangout

From Twitter on the #cmhTV Hashtag

There was a lot of great questions, comments and interactions on twitter during and after the show. Here is a summary that The Kilted Broker put together!

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