Canadian Mortgage Hangout CAAMP Edition


The Canadian Mortgage Hangout is a weekly live on air broadcast over the Google+ where mortgage professionals in Canada discuss topics relevant to the mortgage industry. Canadian Mortgage Hangout can be watched live on at 10am PST/1pm EST every Thursday. This week we featured special guest Daryl Harris who is the Chair of CAAMP. This is the most official intro I have ever written, ya, I am proud of it.

Contributors & Guests

  • Gord McCallum - "Serious Questions G" @gordmccallum
  • Scott Dawson - "Wore a Suit and Disappeared" @sdd
  • Rob Campbell - "ING" @therobcampbell
  • Jackson Middleton - "Saskatchewan Tartan Baby" @kiltedbroker
  • Daryl Harris - "Proudly Wearing the AMP Pin" @wpgsbestmtg


Seriously, there is a lot of great information for brokers on this episode of #cmhTV. Daryl Harris handled a barrage of questions and played it real smooth. Topics discussed included:

  • Background on Daryl and his position as CAAMP Chair
  • Biggest Challenges as Chair
  • Top Priorities with CAAMP moving forward
  • Anti-Spam Legislation
  • Changes to the AMP Designation
  • Government Relations
  • Educational Qualifications across Canada and standardized Licencing
  • CAAMP Provincial Councils
  • And much more...

*** Thanks so much to Daryl Harris for joining us, certainly classed up the joint!

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