Canadian Mortgage Hangout Feb 14 2013


The Canadian Mortgage Hangout is a live weekly broadcast where the most social mortgage professionals in Canada discuss what is going on in the Canadian Real Estate and Mortgage Industry. Broadcast starts at 10am PST/ 1pm EST and usually last less than an hour depending on the topics. The Canadian Mortgage Hangout is open to public discussion on Twitter through the use of the #cmhTV hashtag.


  • Gord McCallum - Moderator - @gordmccallum
  • Scott Dawson - Technical Guy - @sdd
  • Rob Campbell - Wearing a Tie - @therobcampbell
  • Jackson Middleton - Looking for a fight - @kiltedbroker

*** If you would like to be a guest on the show, please contact any of us anytime!


This week we discussed the appropriateness of a mortgage broker paying a referral fee to a REALTOR® and vice versa. Discussed the National Bank and how they are starting to pay REALTORS® direct referral fees for business and how that impacts the mortgage broker channel. Conversation moved to the ethics in the mortgage industry as an agent in Ontario directly outright stole content from Scott Dawson - Rob Campbell ranted a little. Gord talks about a web application that is used to get rid of all the unwanted emails -

*** Note: This weeks episode was NOT brought to you by Roberto Alomar

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