Canadian Mortgage Hangout Feb 28 2013


Join us live at 10am PST/ 1pm EST every week for the Canadian Mortgage Hangout. The Canadian Mortgage Hangout is a panel of mortgage brokers and guests who discuss the Canadian Mortgage Market. It is bold and exciting, and a whole bunch of other things...


  • Gord McCallum - "Guy who talks too much" - @gordmccallum
  • Scott Dawson - "Guy who wore a tie 2 weeks ago" - @sdd
  • Rob Campbell - "Guy who disappears at the end of the episode" - @therobcampbell
  • Jackson Middleton - "Guy who likes stuff" - @kiltedbroker

*** If you would like to be a guest on the show, please contact any of us anytime!


This week was a pretty mixed bag, here are links from the discussion:
Financial Post: CMHC seeking to hide foreclosure information from home buyers
CMHC: Letter to the Editor - The National Post (CMHC response to the Financial Post Article)
Mortgage Broker News: New lender launches this month Student loan write offs reach $540 million, with another 44,000 going unpaid
Parliament of Canada: Student Loan Debt Survival

*** Note, we cannot be responsible for anything Rob Campbell does or says - that guy is wild!

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