Canadian Mortgage Hangout June 6th 2013


The Canadian Mortgage Hangout is a weekly online mortgage chat that takes place every Thursday at 10am PST/1pm EST on - Everyone is welcome to participate on twitter by hitting the #cmhTV hashtag with questions, comments or observations. Occasionally we have guests that blow us away - this week was one of those occasions! So here we go, in case you missed it live, here is the recording!


Gord McCallum - "10 minutes and Gone" @gordmccallum
Rob Campbell - "I think... Squirrel" @therobcampbell
Jackson Middleton - "AAA in a kilt baby" @kiltedbroker
Scott Dawson - "Moderator on the spot" @sdd
Dean Koeller - "Industry Veteran" @deankoeller
Jacqueline Baker - "Likes Chocolate Cake" @jacquelinebaker


This week featured a discussion around rule changes and how this is affecting the day to day business of mortgage brokers. Dean Koeller CFO, CCO, COO of Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation weighed in and made a lot of great points about how private lending is misunderstood and how they are evolving in the broker channel.

Here is a summary of the #cmhTV from social media, thanks everyone who engaged with us!

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