Canadian Mortgage Hangout Mar 14th 2013


The Canadian Mortgage Hangout is a weekly broadcast that was aired what seemed to me to be an hour earlier than usual this week because of a ridiculous time change. How does this make any sense at all, In Saskatchewan, we never adjust our clock, everyone else changes time - but yet we are now broadcasting at 11am local SK time instead of over the noon hour. Anyway, we broadcast live 10am PST/1pm EST on, feel free to check out that site for any past broadcasts. As always, consider joining the conversation on The Twitter by using the #cmhTV hashtag.


  • Rob Campbell - "Never sure what he will say" @therobcampbell
  • Jackson Middleton - "Enjoys pushing buttons" @kiltedbroker
  • Scott Dawson - "Relentlessly pursuing mastery" @sdd
  • Gord McCallum - "A moment of silence please" @gordmccallum

*** As usual, we are always looking for new faces to bring on the show, next week we will be joined by the Manager of Fraud & Investigation at Servus Credit Union Jeremy Nicholls - you won't want to miss that! Also, Paul Grewal from Street Capital has agreed to appear on the show one of these weeks, that is exciting as Paul is a legend in the business.


This week went a little long, but we discussed quite a few topics. Great information for newer mortgage professionals in the industry.

  • MPP insurance - class action lawsuit
  • Legal responsibility by brokers to "offer" life insurance to clients
  • MPP accessing our client lists 3rd party
  • Mortgage Renewals - how to handle them
  • 5 yr fixed vs 10 yr fixed
  • 10 yr fixed on rental properties

*** Note, last week we had record viewership on the #cmhTV - isnt that the way it is sometimes, we labor endlessly to bring viewers the latest mortgage news with average viewership, the second we bring on a guy who eats fruit for 23 minutes - everything explodes!

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