Canadian Mortgage Hangout Mar 7th 2013


The Canadian Mortgage Hangout is a weekly broadcast of mortgage professionals across Canada who discuss the Canadian mortgage industry. We broadcast live on at 10am PST/1pm EST, our audience can participate on twitter by tweeting to the #cmhTV hashtag.


  • Gord McCallum - "Moderator Extraordinaire" @gordmccallum
  • Scott Dawson - "Live from Mexico" @sdd
  • Jackson Middleton - "Rants too much" @kiltedbroker
  • Keith D Andrade - "Consumes Fruit" @keithdandrade

*** we are always looking for new faces and voices on the #cmhTV, contact any of us if you are interested in joining


This week we talked about some pretty random stuff in the market.

  • March is Fraud Prevention month, it is also Fraud Education month
  • BMO gets all the promo for for a lousy rate - congrats to broker channel lenders for getting the jump on BMO this year
  • Ex-Real Estate broker gets fine and probation for forging documents
  • Merix Financial was purchased - congrats to the good people at Merix Financial.
  • Why brokers decide to work with a certain brokerage
  • Scott Dawson witnessed a guy doing the Gangnam Style Mexican poolside take a crash into the concrete

*** Note, Keith Andrade is a beast - he silently consumed fruit for 23 minutes on air while we talked mortgages! Full screen Keith shot near the end!

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