Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2013 | #CPFC13 Day 1 [Summary]


Over this last weekend my twitter feed blew up as a lot of influential Canadian Personal Finance Bloggers attended the Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2013 put on by Krystal Yee and Preet Banerjee (who we have featured on our blog before here).

For the official conference website, click the image below.

Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2013 #CPFC13

#CPFC13 Conference Summary Day 1

If you follow me on the twitter you know that I love live tweeting conferences. Usually my biggest problem is that I am only one of two or three people who are actually tweeting at the conferences I attend. Although I was not in attendance at this conference (I will be next year for #CPFC14) there were so many great people contributing to the hashtag. So much information in fact that I had to break this into 2 posts.

Below is a summary of the conference using the tweets provided by people who actually attended the conference using the conference hashtag of #CPFC13. I did my best to present the information chronologically while capturing the feel for what the speakers were saying! Thanks to everyone who shared what they learned at the conference, it allowed guys like me to get involved!

Canadian Personal Finance Community on Google+

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Canadian Personal Finance News List

I should also make note that First Foundation puts out a weekly news list containing all the best stories from Canadian Personal Finance news and blogs. The list is posted at the start of the week and as stories come out, we add the ones we like to the list. If you are a finance blogger, please feel free to add your posts to the lists (assuming they have been released this week). Here is our list for Week 39.

I hope to find time tonite to put together the summary for #CPFC13 Day 2 - Should be posted tomorrow!

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