Change in the Canadian Mortgage Market by Will Dunning


The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) recently released its annual "Change in the Canadian Mortgage Market" prepared by: Will Dunning CAAMP Chief Economist. We have attached a copy of the bold 42 Page document in case you had time for a little light reading!


Nationally CAAMP represents over 12000 mortgage professionals and is the only national organization to represent Canada's mortgage industry. Established in 1994, CAAMP has a mandate to bring together key players in the industry to enhance professionalism and has worked hard to set the standard for best practices in the industry. However CAAMP also plays a large role in lobbying government, bringing forward the concerns of members. CAAMP established the AMP designation to "enhance educational and ethical standards for Canada's mortgage professionals".

Both Gord McCallum and I are CAAMP Members in good standing and hold our AMP designations.
Gord McCallum was named AMP of the Year of 2011 - which is pretty cool!

About Will Dunning

Will Dunning is the Chief Economist for CAAMP and generally weighs in with really heady reports like this. I have had the privilege of hearing Will speak, and although he is an economist, he is a very dynamic individual. Will has been studying information like this since 1982 and as the number 1 guy in Canada, this report is extremely credible.

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