Commentary: RBC Royal Bank changes residential mortgage rates [Audio]


I recently shared the Newswire article entitled "RBC Royal Bank changes residential mortgage rates" on our Week 34 | Canadian Mortgage and Finance News [List]. In the article, Newswire reports that RBC will be raising all fixed interest rates across the board by .2% as of tomorrow.

So the question I asked was, what does this mean to the average homebuyer in Canada? As preapproval rates with our lenders are at 3.59%, the spread between us and RBC is now .3%. How much savings will that be over the 5 yr term? Here is a short soundcloud clip:

"The savings between 3.59% vs 3.89% on a 5 yr fixed term on a mortgage amount of $300K is $5678.58"

if you want to know more about why we believe interest rates could be going up in Canada, here is a video Gord McCallum and I recorded yesterday about why it is getting harder to qualify for a mortgage in Canada. Note that a lot of the same factors will contribute to higher interest rates as well.

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