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If you haven't done it before, the thought of dealing with a lawyer can be scary. Maybe it's because the movies do a real good job of painting the lawyer as someone who is corporate, rigid and will do everything to bill you $700 for answering a simple phone call. Let me assure you, it's not THAT bad...

As part of the home buying process, you will need to use the services of a lawyer!

My advice is to find a lawyer who specializes in real estate law, with an emphasis on residential real-estate.

I recently sat down with my lawyer; Marc D. Kelly, partner at Kanuka Thuringer LLP in Regina SK in a Google+ Hangout to discuss the what legal process looks like with respect to buying a home. I wanted to have this conversation to take away some of the mystery around the process, outline the lawyer's function and give you some questions to ask a lawyer you are considering hiring.

Now, let me be very clear, if you are in Regina Sk. and need a real-estate lawyer, I strongly encourage you to use Marc D. Kelly. Marc is equal parts professional to equal parts real person. As you will see if you watch the video in it's entire 13 minute glory, not only does Marc have the ability to present information clearly, he is also willing to have a good time (as evidenced by use of Jazz hands in a video outlining the legal process of a real estate transaction).

This should be important to you because...

Although any lawyer can execute the legal transaction, not every lawyer will take the time to make sure you understand what is going on.

And not every lawyer will help you feel comfortable with the process. So with that said, here is the video with The Marc Donald!

Legal Process for a Real Estate Transaction

Contact Marc Kelly

As promised in the video, here is the best way to connect with Marc Kelly:

  • The telephone: 306-525-7234
  • Fax Machine (I guess people still use these): 306-359-0590
  • Interweb Mail System: mkelly [@] ktllp [dot] ca
  • Twitter: @themarcdonald

What About Edmonton Lawyers?

Now, as First Foundation has it's head office in Edmonton Alberta, and has been assisting clients with mortgages in Alberta for over 10 years, compared to only one in Saskatchewan, there is a chance you might not want to make the 8 hour drive to Regina SK to have Marc Kelly represent you in your real estate transaction. Chances are someone a little closer to home would do the trick!

Here is a list of companies and people First Foundation has experience dealing with and strongly recommend (including a few lawyers).

Of course if you want a more personalized referral to an industry professional, please contact us anytime, we love to refer people who are doing a great job with their clients!

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