Don’t Believe the Panic


Isn’t the media great? Doesn’t it uplift your spirit to read the newspaper and watch the TV news every day?

I’ll admit it. I’m a news junkie. I have been since I could read. It was a family habit to read the newspaper every morning – that is, once we got morning delivery in Saskatoon. For the first few years of my life it came after school…but I digress.

I find myself with such a distaste for the news these days that I can’t enjoy it anymore. The sensationalism, the bloodlust, the hype about everything (good and bad), the poor attention to detail and the flat out lies…it just leaves me disgusted. Granted, there are some excellent columnists out there…some voices of reason, some bastions of truth in the wilderness that cut through the clutter. Unfortunately for many of us, the are less prominent all the time.

I realize I’m blaming the media right now…but the politicians are just as bad. I’m not sure whom is taking their lead from whom, but I suspect that we live in a world of hyper populism. Politicians are blowing in the wind, and because there’s so much hot air out there, they don’t know which way they’re going. They try to govern through the media rather than for the people.

I guess I’ll wrap this rant with a link to a great article that cuts through some of the hype about our economy, and the bad, but not depressing, state we’re in.

Keep your chin up…it’s going to get better. It always does. Even if they don’t want you to believe it.

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