Don’t Let this Happen to You: The Risk of Going without Home Insurance


An ordinary candle could be the only thing standing between you and homelessness. How? Just ask Fay Edwards and Jason Cyrus of Vancouver. One of their two young sons knocked over a burning candle last December and set their home ablaze. No one was injured, but the family lost their home and all their possessions. What’s worse, they didn’t have insurance to replace what they lost.

Happily though the family didn’t end up on the freezing cold streets. You might have read the heartwarming story about the two police officers who set up a crowdfunding campaign to help the Edwards family. Through the website GoFundMe, 323 people donated more than $19,000 and Good Samaritans also offered household goods, toys, gift cards, clothing, and furniture to help the four start over. It’s touching to see hundreds of strangers aid a family in need, but a home insurance policy would have been dramatically more helpful.

The Edwards family, like many other families, probably didn’t have home insurance because they didn’t think they could afford it, didn’t understand how important it was, or felt too busy working and raising kids to buy a policy. Do you feel the same way?

A trusted insurance broker like First Foundation Insurance can help you find the right policy for your needs. Whether you own a house, a condo, or rent an apartment, there are policies available to protect your property and personal possessions. If you don’t know the first thing about insurance or don’t have time to shop for a policy, First Foundation can help.

No one ever thinks they’ll be the one whose home burns down, but it happens to people every day. If you find yourself in a worst-case scenario like the Edwards family did, you’ll thank yourself for buying home insurance. It will help you get back on your feet faster and get back to your normal life.

With home insurance, your financial losses will be minimal after a disaster like a fire. You will only have to pay a deductible—perhaps $1,000, and insurance will cover the rest of the cost to rebuild your home and replace everything that was in it. It can provide much more than the $19,000 the Edwards family received from dozens of generous donors.

Email or call First Foundation today to get in touch with a helpful broker. They’ll ask whether you rent or own and how much coverage you need. If you aren’t sure what you need, they’ll help you figure it out. Then, they’ll shop around at several home insurance companies to find the best policy for you. Your broker will take the hassle and the stress out of shopping for insurance and answer all your questions, from terms you might not understand to what’s covered under your policy and what isn’t.

What’s more, this service won’t cost you anything. It may even save you money because your insurance broker might do a more thorough job of comparison shopping for policies than you could. First Foundation can also help you choose the right combination of coverage and deductibles to create a home insurance policy that offers the best protection for your budget.

Don’t put yourself at risk. Contact us today.


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