Edmonton Alberta Housing Forecast Seminar January 2014


Although I was unable to attend the 2014 Edmonton Housing Forecast Seminar this morning, I felt like I was there thanks to some local Edmonton REALTORS® as they shared information over social media.

Here are a couple points I found fascinating, a list of social highlights from the event and a copy of the slide presentation.

Edmonton Housing Forecast Key Points

  • Edmonton housing prices can expect a 3% increase for 2014
  • Market will be driven by single family homes worth $250k - $400k
  • "Average" or "Balanced" will describe Edmonton housing in 2014
  • Economic indicators support more demand for housing
  • Condo market was 30% in 2013, expected to grow by 3.4% in 2014
  • Edmonton will outperform the national average in 2014

In 2013 there were 115 million dollar houses sold in Edmonton compared to 732 in Calgary.

If the document below is slow to load, that is simply because it is 171 pages. Consider clicking the link and downloading as a PDF, should work like a charm. Alternatively, you can visit http://ereb.com/2014HousingForecastSeminar.pdf

If you are looking to get into the Edmonton housing market in 2014, consider completing an online pre-approval now, we would love to work with you!

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