Extreme Couponing - Canadian Edition [Apps]


In case you have never heard of extreme couponing, it is a movement that was highlighted by the show of the same name "Extreme Couponing" which airs on TLC.

Extreme Couponing in Canada via Apps

Although the show is entertaining, it is also frustrating because "extreme couponing" is different in the US than in Canada. Everyone wants to save money on their favourite products and services, and although Canada might not have the same coupons to "clip from the paper", we do have technology that gives us a brand new way to do just that. There are tons of apps and websites that let you download coupons and get deals, but it can be hard to find ones that are specifically for Canadians. We decided to put together a list of some of the better ones out there - to help you save money and keep your budget in line!

Here is a list of amazing websites and apps where you can get extreme couponing deals in Canada!

Here are some of the websites, the list with links can be found below.

RedFlagDeals.com - Probably the best-known of Canadian deal websites, RedFlagDeals.com offers online flyers, coupons, and the latest deals both online and off. The best deals and coupons are usually found in their “Hot Deals” and “Ongoing Deals” forums, and their “Coupon” section. It can be a little hard to navigate, but it’s worth the effort.
Save.ca - Probably the easiest to use Canadian coupon site out there. Check them out before each trip to the store to see what you can be saving money on; they offer downloadable coupons you can print out and take right to the store, as well as coupons that have to be mailed to you.
SmartSource.ca - If you don’t want to wait for coupons to be mailed, SmartSource has tons of downloadable coupons that are ready to go.
Retailmenot.ca - If you’ve ever gone shopping online, you’ve probably been presented with a “promo code” box at checkout that you feel regretful about leaving blank. You can find these promo codes with Retail Me Not, which just launched a Canadian version. A promo code can give you anything from free shipping to a hefty percentage off your online purchase.

Extreme Couponing

ShopWise Canada - This iOS app put together by The Yellow Pages group gives you a top-down map view of deals in your neighbourhood. Figure out which restaurant you want to eat at by seeing who is offering the best deals that evening, or see which stores in your area are offering discounts. You can also personalize your deal alerts to get deals on preferred items straight to your email inbox.
The Coupons App - The aptly-named Coupons App for Android lets you find the best gas prices in your area, gives you a barcode-scanner price comparison tool, and access to coupons.
Checkout 51 - This app lets you shop anywhere you want, upload your receipt, and actually get cash back for your purchases.
Bargain Moose - Bargain Moose is a Canadian deals blog which has also developed an app for both iOS and Android.
Life Made Delicious - Get coupons for all of your favourite General Mills products here.

If you have a grocery store or other spot that you like to shop at, sign up for their points card or other loyalty programs. You’ll often get valuable coupons and savings through these programs, and many of them are accessible from a smartphone so you don’t have to carry cards around in your wallet.

If you have an app or website you like to use for couponing, please leave it in our comments section or add it to the list below!

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