How Does Canadian Economic News Affect Your Personal Economy?


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Bank of Canada Announcement

So it seems that over the last 5 years in Canada, we have experienced "historic low interest rates" which has caused the media to insight fear with doom and gloom about the potential housing market crash when interest rates go up. Well, yesterday the Bank of Canada announced, that yet again the overnight will remain at 1% and there are no rate hikes in the foreseeable future. Okay... so how will the media spin this...

“We are more concerned about low inflation today than we were three months ago,” Mr. Stephen Poloz

Let me introduce you to the next catch word that will be used by the media... "Disinflation". My fearless prediction is that we will see "Housing Bubble" replaced by "Disinflation" in 2014. And just to note... my spell check doesn't recognize "disinflation" as a real word.

dis·in·fla·tion [dis-in-fley-shuhn] noun Economics. Definition: a period or process of slowing the rate of inflation.

Maybe I sound a little cynical in all this because I belong to the 69% of Canadians who are optimistic about the economy over the next 12 months.* according to the Martiz Research Mortgage Insights 2013 Study. I find the fear mongering in the media a little tiresome, but hey... "everything is gonna be alright" doesn't sell papers << if papers are still indeed sold.

Because Money Podcast

On this episode of the because money podcast we discussed how the Canadian news on a macro economic level impacts our personal finances. Along with disinflation will come news about job losses and uncertain future in our economy. The question we asked was...

Does scary financial news about the Canadian economy impact your personal economy? Are you taking extra measures to ensure you are protected against the impending doom of disinflation?

Here is a list of the articles we used as reference!

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