How to Identify Justin Trudeau’s Drug Dealer’s House


So in breaking news yesterday, Canadian MP Justin Trudeau admitted to smoking pot after being elected as an MP. You can find the Huffington Post article here. Now, it got me thinking... where would someone like Justin Trudeau get his weed? From a "friend of course... but where does that "friend" get his weed? From a drug dealer who has ties to a marijuana grow operation! This led me to think of all the information and resources out there about grow-ops and all the wonderful (read horrendous) impacts grow-ops have on families, communities, health and properties. Thought i would bring some of the very best together.

The Government of Alberta has a great site where they outline "How to Identify a Grow-Op"

Click the image below to be directed to an interactive webpage that goes through all of the signs of spotting a drug house in your neighbourhood! It's a real trip...

How to Identify a Grow Op

Risks of a Grow-Op

On the Regina City Police webpage you can find some great information about the impact of grow-ops.

"The risks associated with marijuana grow operations are numerous, affecting individuals, families, and neighbourhoods."

The risks include but are not limited to:

  • Fire
  • Electrocution
  • Poisonous Gasses
  • Both Air & Water Contamination
  • Mould
  • Crime and Violence
  • Structural Damages to Homes
  • Environmental Costs
  • Power Outages

Do grow-ops negatively impact house prices?

In an article posted in the National Post, Cathy Innamorato a real-estate broker with Remax says "the grow-op designation (on an MLS listing for property resale) can decrease the selling price of the home by 20% to 25%". The article goes on to discuss the fears people have about purchasing former grow-ops like:

  • Potential Unseen structural damage
  • Damage caused by humidity or tampered wiring
  • How to finance or insure a former grow-op

or the more practical issues like:

  • Stigma upon resale of property
  • The criminal element: former owners coming back to claim appliances in the home
  • Drug dealers coming by to collect money owed by previous tenants

What should you do if you suspect a grow-op?

The Government of Alberta advises, if you believe there is a grow-op in your neighbourhood, make sure to contact the police or call crime stoppers (because growing & smoking pot in Canada is illegal). The same advice is given by the Regina Police on their website.

Here is the PDF from the Alberta Government website for quick reference, outlining 26 things you can look for to identify a grow-op.

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