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Once of the many advantages of working with a mortgage broker is the variety of lenders and their products that they have access to.

At First Foundation, we make a point of working with some of the best mortgage lenders in Canada. We do our best to select lenders that will work with us to make the mortgage approval process as stress free as possible for our clients an it’s imperative that hey provide terrific post funding service. We’d like you to get to know some of our leading business partners and today we’re introducing First National Financial LP.

First National Financial LP

First Foundation has been working with First National since our brokerage opened it’s doors. With their Western head office in Calgary, we definitely enjoy their local edge but the best thing about First National is their superb service and their amazing people. They really seem to have a knack for finding some of the best talent in the business, from underwriters to customer service personnel.

Even though they’re the largest non-bank lender in Canada, they have a “small office” feel that makes working with them a dream – no behemoth bureaucracy here with 27 people involved in every mortgage and all of them on a different floor of some skyscraper in Toronto. At First National, everybody we need to approve and fund your mortgage is in one room and they are all familiar with how to actually answer a phone call! In fact, in independent surveys, First National is continually ranked #1 for exceptional service with mortgage brokers. When lenders do their job well, brokers are better able to provide exceptional service making it a win-win for their clients.

First National is usually at the top of the class when it comes to competitive rates and their prepayment privileges are some of the most generous around. Our clients seem to really like being able to manage their mortgage with First National’s online system, My Mortgage, where they can check their balance, ask questions via email and arrange for extra payments to be made.

Here an excerpt from the First National website:

At First National, mortgages are all we do. With over $50 billion in mortgages under administration and 20 years providing mortgages to Canadian home buyers, First National is Canada’s largest non-bank provider of residential mortgages. Working together with your mortgage broker, we can find the right mortgage solution for you.

Mortgage Solutions

First National offers a wide range of mortgage solutions, flexible payment terms and prepayment privileges to suit your needs, including…

- Fixed rate terms that provide peace of mind – Adjustable rate terms that give you flexibility to take advantage of low interest rates – Mortgages for self-employed workers, persons new to Canada and those who need more flexibility – Mortgages for vacation properties, second homes and rental properties

My Mortgage

Accessing your mortgage information has never been easier. We believe clients should have complete access to their mortgage. That’s why we created My Mortgage, one of the most efficient mortgage management systems in the industry. From checking your balance to taking advantage of prepayment privileges, it’s never been easier or more convenient to manage one of your most important investments.

To learn more about First National Financial LP and some of our other terrific lending partners, talk to one of our mortgage brokers today.

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