Mortgage Blog - Weekly Roundup


Wow! It’s been a busy week in mortgage land. Nice to see things aren’t slowing down too much for the fall period.

I think we’re probably going to see a burst of activity now that the news is out there of an economic rebound in Canada. There are better job numbers, better housing numbers, and better economic numbers all around. Interest rates are nice and low still but are expected to pop up a bit early to mid next year, so the fourth quarter of 2009 might be the perfect opportunity for bargain hunters to buy a home or refinance to take advantage before things change.

I would have liked to have written about these things in real time but here’s a summary of some of the most important news items of the past week as it relates to your home and mortgage:

Bank of Canada Commits to Keep Current Rate until June 30 2010

CMHC: Canada’s Housing Market to Rebound

Globe and Mail: Housing Starts Surge

RBC Economics: Housing More Affordable Than Last Year

Canada’s Recession is Over

Have a great weekend!

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