No Housing Bubble in Edmonton


I feel a little late to this party but it’s been awhile since I’ve had anything exciting to blog about.

In Edmonton we’re used to being Calgary’s poor cousin – at least in the media – unless it’s convenient to do so. We also happen to have one of the most promising economies in North America. We’ve got strong industry, a strong service economy, great infrastructure that’s getting better, and lots to be thankful for. Here’s one more for the list:

According to Gary Lamphier’s article in the Edmonton Journal there are three housing bubbles in Canada and Edmonton is not one of them.

Our good friends over at the Edmonton Real Estate Blog have a post that summarizes Gary’s article about the housing bubbles well and includes some of their expert opinion to boot.

In my time in this industry I have noticed that Edmonton seems to be far less prone to massive price swings and wild speculation than Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto. It’s a little known blessing, but a blessing nonetheless. You can get more house for your money and it’s easier to afford because our incomes are relatively high.

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