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Recently it came to our attention that our blog may be a little "too masculine". Narissa Singh (follow her on twitter @narissa_singh) mentioned it to Gord, and then the conversation started on twitter. Narissa claimed that I needed to get more in touch with my "feminine side" and that she would have to take me for a mani/pedi to teach me a thing or two. Little does she know that I regularly go for pedicures with my wife and that I can see on both sides of the fence (whatever that means). So this is my attempt at a "feminine blog post", hoping that by going to the extreme here, I can somehow balance out the masculinity!

A Gentle Soak - Spring Cleaning

There is no doubt about it, every girl loves a pedicure, but have you ever considered giving your house a pedicure? As it is the first day of spring, I figured it would be a great time to outline some easy and fabulous things you can do around your home that will make a real difference! Every good pedicure begins with a relaxing soak - consider this a gentle soak for your home. The O Network brings us this amazing and simple spring-cleaning checklist!

Spring-Cleaning That Won't Take Over Your Life: 8 Hours, Start to Finish

***spring cleaning tip: once you have a room cleaned, open up all blinds and windows and make sure to bring colorful flowers into the room to add that little extra something!

Cuticle Work - Renovations on a Budget

Although not the most flattering part of a pedicure, working the cuticles and filing to remove the dead skin is very important. Same goes for a home pedicure, but rather than break the bank, I have one word for you - accessorize! This is a great video on how to add some whimsical touches to your rooms, without going off the deep end!

The Nail Polish - Making it Beautiful

This is probably my favorite part of any pedicure, picking the color of nail polish! Adding a splash of color to your home can be done in so many ways. But as this is spring and we have already tackled the inside of our house, lets focus on making an impact in the flower garden! Here is a great resource that teaches you how to make a flower bed anywhere in your yard by using newspaper!

Anyway - if this blog post doesn't prove that I am relatively in touch with my feminine side, this will seal the deal... I have a Pinterest Page - and I use it regularly!

Here's to a Productive Spring Ladies!

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