Preet Banerjee Discusses CBC Marketplace “Show Me The Money”


Because Money Podcast Episode 13

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Special Guest Preet Banerjee

This week on the #becausemoney podcast we had special guest Preet Banerjee talking about his experience as the financial expert on the CBC Marketplace Episode "Show Me The Money". Preet can be found online anytime you Google the term "money" in Canada but more importantly, this cat actually has a wikipedia page, which is very cool!

Among many other things, when talking about the CBC Marketplace episode in general Preet Had the following to say:

"What struck me was the high rate of incidence from that random selection of 10 different financial advisors. It is too high." Preet Banerjee

However Preet insisted that although there are certainly bad advisors out there, not all advisors are bad and it is certainly worth your time to find a good one!

"What if we took the same amount of time to find a financial advisor as we do a home contractor?"

Looks like next week we will be talking with Noel D'souza and the Potato about the financial planning industry and if it is a few bad apples or a lot of bad barrels. Should be fun!

#BecauseMoney on Twitter

Anytime we have a guest on the show, our level of interaction on twitter jumps, figured I would put together a collection of some of the best comments/questions online from when the show aired!

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