President’s Message - 2010 - The Best of Times…


...and the worst of times.

Last year was a very challenging year for many people. The economy was starting to bounce back a bit, but was still far from being on a stable footing. Even today there remains some uncertainty.

Many people were still struggling to find work or certainly the amount of work that they had been accustomed to in the boom times.

The real estate market was quite challenged at times too, with much more inventory on the market and uncertainty about values. A gradual softening of property values brought affordability back in line, but emotionally many buyers stayed on the sidelines unsure of what the future might hold.

Last year was a challenging time at First Foundation too. After a rip-roaring first half when mortgage volumes were accelerated due to some concerns about rising rates, the second half cooled dramatically and we were left wondering when things were going to bounce back.

When things are challenging it provides you with a unique, and better, perspective. As I look back on 2010 I’m thankful for all of the support we had in the community, for our great clients who continue to choose us and refer us to their friends and family, for our lender partners who hung in there through thick and thin, and for our families who are with us during the good times and the slow times.

Despite a challenging year at times in 2010 I can look back on it with some satisfaction too knowing we won our first CMP Award at the Canadian Mortgage Awards and that I was recently recognized for the fourth consecutive year as one of the Top 50 Brokers in Canada – an honour I owe entirely to my great mortgage team and our amazing mortgage clients.

Thankfully 2010 is behind us, and despite having an average year, I’m extremely grateful for all of the positives that came of it and am very glad that halfway through 2011 things seem to truly be on the upswing for us and all of our friends in the community. From all of us at First Foundation, we hope that 2011 is treating you great (despite the rain and mosquitoes) and that the second half will be even better yet.

- Gord McCallum

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