Rates Going Down!



WOW Again! We’ve got some really nice spring specials from some of our lenders right now. For example, there’s the “Essentials” mortgage at 5.09% for a 5 year fixed-rate…and for a more full featured mortgage, we have 5.25% available if the mortgage funds within 45 days, and 5.29% available from a couple of other lending partners with full 120 day rate holds.

The spring is usually when our lending partners are the most competitive because it’s the natural buying season – especially here in Alberta when all that pent-up winter demand is finally unleashed on the market.

The choice in mortgage options right now is staggering, so if you want to talk with a professional about your options and find the right combination of mortgage features, terms, amortization periods, and rate, then contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Have a great weekend!

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