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You know, sometimes i have the hardest time putting 2 and 2 together. Lately I have been noticing a lot of information circling the Interwebs talking about Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs). Maybe it was because my wife has been working so hard to prepare for our daughters first week of home-preschool and we have been busy around the house, but I honestly didn't see the connection between RESPs and Back to School. I thought it was some strange coincidence that of all the news outlets and bloggers in Canada just decided to all of a sudden write and discuss RESPs.

So I figured I would bring all of my favorite content together and share it with you!

How to Save for Your Child's Education

The good people over at released this video. Pat Foran packs a lot of great information into 3 minutes.

Smart Advice on RESP Funding

One of my favorite people in Canadian finance, Sandi Martin was quoted in the article "Getting ready to Turn a New Financial Leaf" by the financial post. I really like how simple she makes this.

Sandi Martin Quote: RESP

RESP in the News

As I mentioned earlier, there has certainly been no shortage of financial authors writing about RESPs this time of year, so here is a list of some other stories you might find worthwhile reading! I am particularly intrigued by the one that suggests you purchase RESPs as a gift for a child's birthday...

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