Short Week of Lists - Own Grow Protect


Hope you had a great Canada Day Long weekend! With the short week, we thought we would put together some lists that follow our blog theme: Own | Grow | Protect.


"We believe that Canadians should own things of value - including property"

Tuesday - Gord McCallum delivers 6 Steps: Becoming Mortgage Free Faster!


"We believe that Canadians should work hard to grow their asset base - including knowledge"

Wednesday - Guest post by, Dr. Jin Won Choi from Money Geek: 7 Things: Young Professionals Need to Know About Investments


"We believe that Canadians should protect themselves, the ones they love and what they have worked hard to acquire"

Thursday - Angela West discusses: 5 Reasons Why Renters Should Consider Insurance

Friday - Jackson Middleton (third person is so odd) talks about Identity Theft and provides: 9+ Resources to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft [List]

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