Supreme Court Upholds Smith Manoeuvre


The Smith Manoeuvre has been in the news lately, due to a legal case escalated to the Supreme Court of Canada that finally came to a decision. As a result, the Smith Manoeuvre has received the full approval of the Supreme Court – as long as it isn’t taken too far and taxpayers start abusing the legality of the Maneovre, as in the Lipson case.

The most important thing, though, is that the Smith Manoevure is legal, and First Foundation fully supports it! We deal with lenders that offer the appropriate products to be able to perform the Smith Manoeuvre, and would be more than happy to arrange a Smith Manoeuvre mortgage for you.

You should consider a Smith Manouevre if you have equity in your home (in excess of 20% of your home’s value), pay tax, want to invest more earlier in life, and pay off your mortgage faster. If so, please visit our Smith Manoeuvre Information page, and/or contact a mortgage broker to learn more.