Tiered Pricing Three Year Terms


We do our best to pass on the savings we get from our lending partners to our clientele as soon as humanly possible.

This announcement came in about 3 minutes ago…and we now have tiered pricing on 3 year fixed-rate mortgages, to go along with the already great tiered pricing we get on 5 year fixed and 5 year Adjustable Rate mortgages.

Check it out:

$1 million plus — 4.89%
$500k – $999k — 4.99%
$250k – $499k — 5.34%
$100k – $249k — 5.34%

Like some of the previous announcements, the higher the loan amount the better rate you can get. If you’re a high net-worth individual or want to buy a really expensive home, give us a shout and we can set one of these up for you. I would bet that the banks can’t come close to these rates – even for their best clients.

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