Top Mortgage Brokers in Canada as Ranked by Klout [List]


In early 2013, I started to put together a list of the most social mortgage professionals in Canada. I initially started the list as a way to see how other brokers were communicating online. Initially I was looking for brokers who had more influence than me online to learn how they are doing things. As it turns out, Gord McCallum and I are both in the top 5 most social mortgage brokers in Canada ranked by Klout score.

What is a Klout Score? >>>

I was unsure about sharing this list on the blog here because I didn't want to appear self-promoting. However I got to thinking, I am very proud of the job Gord McCallum and I do with this blog and by how accessible we are on social media. Our position on this list is proof that we are getting noticed. So thank you. Thank you for being here and giving us the opportunity to do what we love to do!

Here is the list... there are certainly a lot of good brokers in Canada.

The Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine (our industry publication) actually caught wind of this list and did the following interview with me, check it out here!

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