Top 5 - WAIT, 6 Reasons to Get a Mortgage with First Foundation


1) You save because we are 100% independent! We are not aligned with one particular mortgage lender or bank and more choice means a better mortgage! We have dozens of lenders to choose from and they only pay us if we are successful in helping you.

2) Finalist for the Canadian Mortgage Professional’s TOP Service Award in Canada in 2008, First Foundation’s Mortgage Broker Lisa Last was nominated for CMP’s Best Newcomer in 2009 and we were nominated for CMP’s Best Web Presence also in 2009 – our service speaks for itself!

3) Superior Experience and Efficiency. We take the responsibility of arranging your mortgage very seriously and we make a great effort to stay educated about current market conditions, mortgage guideline, products and rates. And because we arrange only mortgages here, and a lot of them at that, we know how to get things done, with efficiency and a sure hand.

4) We stick around after your mortgage funds. We think the advantage of using a mortgage broker is that you always have someone in your corner when dealing with your mortgage lender post funding. Although things usually go smoothly after your mortgage closes, it’s nice to know that we are here to liaison with your lender should ever need any assistance or just have questions!

5) You might learn a thing or two. Some banks and brokers are only after one thing: a sale. We educate our customers to help them make the best decisions they can make…even if it means no commission for us.

6) We’re really friendly! If, for some strange reason, we cant get you a better deal than what your current lender is offering, we’ll tell you so, right away, so we don’t waste your time.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and we think you’ll experience the “First Foundation difference” right away. Contact one of our Mortgage Brokers today to discuss your mortgage needs and experience the difference for yourself!

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