Understanding Credit Reports


Most adult Canadians have a credit report if they have had a credit card or any other type of loan. Despite this fact, not many people know what is in their credit report or what their credit score is.

What is a credit report and what does it include?

A credit report is just that – a report/history of your credit. It shows any loans or credit cards that you’ve had in the past six years, and also provides details like whether you regularly pay on time, how much you owe, and what your credit limit is. It also provides a history of any recent inquiries that creditors have made about your credit report. In addition to credit-related information, your credit report includes personal identification information (such as your name, address, birth date and Social Insurance Number (SIN).

In Canada, there are two main credit bureaus that keep track of your credit history: Equifax Canada and Trans Union of Canada.

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