Vine, The 6 Second Instagram


What is Vine?

Vine is an application for iDevices that allows users to create a 6 second stop motion animation video clip. The video is then played on a loop and can be shared on the Vine platform or on Twitter or Facebook. Vine was purchased by Twitter in October of 2012 and officially launched on January 24th 2013. Here is a quick video that explains the platform:

Vine & Instagram

The way I see it - Vine is basically Instagram's little brother. Instagram is a very popular photo sharing application started in 2010. Instagram has gone through a lot of growing pains and is considerably more advanced than its original iDevice only launch. Facebook recently acquired Instagram for 1 Billion Dollars. Where Instgarm users share pictures, Vine users share short videos, although they are similar, there is enough difference that I think both of them can find market space.

What sets Instagram and Vine apart from other photo sharing and video applications is that they integrate a social sharing platform within the mobile application itself.

Users can set up a profile, follow other users shared content, like and comment on that content all within the application. I took this video of my daughter Emma grating parmesan cheese. Here are some pics from my Vine account:

Vine for Business use?

Absolutely, if you are a business person looking to connect with consumers socially, Vine and Instagram should be considered as platforms you would want to add to your social marketing plan. Especially if you are working in an industry with a visual representation like Real Estate, Fashion, Home Staging, Home Building or Interior Design. My encouragement is to sign up for an account and get your feet wet, at the very least, you will get familiar with how to share content socially. If you don't know anyone, you can always follow me - I can be found as KiltedBroker on either platform!

As marketing continues to move to the social arena, people who have embraced technology will have the upper hand.

From firsthand experience, Vine is a very user-freindly application and should be pretty simple to use. Is it going to take over Facebook? No, but it can be used to allow your clients to get to know you a little better, and if they know you better, they are more likely to trust you, and if they trust you, they are more likley to do business with you!

If you would like to know more about using social media to help market yourself or your business, please contact me anytime, I would love to help

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