Wanna Work With First Foundation?


If you have ever thought to yourself "Man, that First Foundation would be a great place to work", you are in luck... we are hiring!

We are looking for good people to fill BDM roles in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon as well as a commercial insurance person & unlicensed mortgage assistant to work in our Edmonton office.

Gord McCallum has prepared the professional job descriptions here.

In an attempt to make sure we only get the highest quality applicants for these positions, I figured I would implement my own pre-screening process.

Watch the video below, if you don't find it the least bit funny, please do not apply for a position, just walk away. However if it made you giggle even a little bit, go ahead and send in your cover letter and resume, we would love to hear from you!

Also, just a heads up - if you do decide to apply, we will be looking at your LinkedIn profile, make sure that puppy is 100% complete!

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