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Wedding Money and Time Traveling Pants or Jeans or whatever...

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Because Money Episode 7 Summary

Although wedding season is typically in the summer months, January & February is when most of the planning gets done! So we thought it timely to discuss Weddings & Money and their interesting relationship.

So who better to talk with than Melissa Leong; a financial writer with the Financial Post! The conversation covered just about everything wedding & money related. Certainly worth a watch!

Melissa Leong was an absolute pleasure to have on the show! I felt like we could have talked for another hour.

Highlights from Social Media

As the broadcast is going live, I watch the hashtag #becausemoney on twitter and make sure to include any comments or questions our viewers have. Here are some of those highlights that were used as basis of discussion in our Canadian finance podcast.

To join the action, we are live every Wednesday here, or you can continue watching on the #OwnGrowProtect blog anytime. Either way, thanks for being with us!

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