Week 36 2013 | Canadian Mortgage, Real Estate and Personal Finance News [Review]


Every week we do our very best to bring your the most popular news stories and blogs written on Canadian mortgage, Canadian real estate and personal finance in Canada. Below you will find all three lists of all the stories we shared this week. Enjoy!

Canadian Personal Finance News

As it was back to school week, we saw lots of stories around RESPs and teaching children to be responsible with money! Certainly a week with a focus on family finance.

Canadian Mortgage News

The Canadian mortgage scene continued to appear volatile with continued news of government intervention and thoughts of making mortgages harder to qualify for in Canada. Bank of Canada maintained the overnight rate at 1% which means everything remains the same. Expect to see a lot more conversation around fixed vs variable next week.

Canadian Real Estate News

Lots of talk around mortgage rules and how they should be impacting the housing market negatively. However despite all predictions and speculation the housing market continues to climb.

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Stay tuned tomorrow as we release our very first rate comparison list!

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