What Can Salami Teach Us About Home Renovations? [Audio] [List]


I was on my way to the grocery store early this morning as my wife and I were both craving English muffins. I turned on the radio to CJME just as my favorite morning show was talking wilth Sam Maciag about her latest home renovation projects. In that spot, John Himpe asked guest John Gormely if he had any advice for Sam and her DIY undertakings.

John Gormley's approach made so much sense to me, his advice on home renovations nails it! So I embedded the audio link for you to play below or you check out the original source on the CJME podcast.

"Use the Salamic method. Think of projects like a big slab of salami, you cut them off one small slice at a time." John Gormley

Now, the natural progression for a mortgage blog would be for me to make a list of home renovation resources or try to expand on John Gormley's point and sound really smart. However I figure I may never get another chance to professionally include Salami in a blog post again. So here goes nothing... I have decided to seize the day and share some great information about salami instead of talking about home renovations! Enjoy!

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