What Does The Squawkfox Say?


Because Money Podcast | Ep03

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The secret of the fox, ancient mystery, somewhere deep in the woods, I know you are hiding, what is your sound? Will we ever know, will it always be a mystery? What do you say...

So what does the Squawkfox say? Apparently a lot!

With a time stamp of just about an hour and twenty minutes, we covered a lot of ground. Episode 3 of the Because Money podcast "Women, Money and the Will to Wave Hands" featured special guest Kerry K. Taylor aka Squawkfox and Kerry K. came to play (and talk).

If you can relate to 4 thirty-somethings with kids trying to make ends meet in a society where we are encouraged to spend beyond our limits to impress people who are doing the same thing, then this video is for you!

Our conversation included everything from frugal living to budgeting, consumerism vs minimalism, teaching your kids to play with rocks, thoughtful gift giving, grocery shopping and what it looks like to shop at Costco with a Smart Car (picture or it didn't happen).

As if this video isn't enough information for one sitting, Sandi Martin and I went through some of what we think are Kerry's best posts on Squawkfox and put together the following list. (You might want to follow this list as there is a lot of great information to come back to).

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