#YQRTweetup at Crave Wine Bar 7pm Aug 28th 2013 [Event]


If you are on twitter and reading this, you are invited to join @lisemerle and @kiltedbroker on Wednesday August 28th 2013 at the Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar in Regina SK. at 7pm for what we are calling the:

Mid-Summer Night's Dream #YQRTweetup

Crave Kitchen and Wine Bar #YQRtweetup Venue

We have had several successful #YQRtweetups in the past at Crave and look forward to another one. Personal comment here: the success of the tweetup will be defined by the connections and relationships made not the number of people who show up!

What can you expect at the #yqrtweetup?

  • You can expect to meet new local people on twitter.
  • You can expect to deepen relationships with people you know from twitter.
  • You can expect a crowd of around 60-80 people (from previous tweetups)
  • You can expect to be greeted at the door - you will know you are in the right place because a guy in a kilt will say hello!
  • You can expect to enjoy a beverage or 2 at your own expense (cash bar).
  • You can expect to have a great time!

Can you please RSVP?

If you are planning on attending or are even just a maybe, please let us know in the comments section below, it really helps us let Crave plan accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact Lise or Myself anytime (DM works) or leave it in the comments below!

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

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