Buyer Protection Plan

If this is a buyer’s market, then where are all the buyers?

The truth is, favourable conditions exist for buyers today. There are plenty of homes on the market to choose from. Prices have fallen substantially in many cases, and interest rates are at all time lows!

Why then, are buyers still hesitant to get into the market?

The answer is simple: fear.

As a buyer’s agent, you’re faced with a market that you know could be beneficial for your clients, yet they are unable to overcome their fear that prices will continue to drop.

As a listing agent, you’ve got existing inventory and new clients who really want to sell their home, but are unwilling or unable to continue to lower their prices and you’re tired of having to ask them to do so.

Enter the solution: the Buyer’s Protection Plan.

As a listing agent you can now bring real & innovative solutions to your clients. Empower them to differentiate their listing and give them another tool besides price drops, which guarantee lost equity, with which to market their homes.

You can offer buyers certainty in an uncertain market. Buyers can purchase a home, and thanks to the Buyer Protection Plan, feel confident that if values fall after the purchase they are entitled to a rebate of up to 5% of the purchase price.

Realtors representing buyers can now give them confidence to buy today and take advantage of record low interest rates and the affordability that gives.

How can I get started?

For more information about the Buyer Protection Plan please contact Gord McCallum.

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To get started with this free and effective way to offer your sellers more value, you can register at the Buyer Protection Plan website.

Thinking about selling your home? Find out more about the Buyer Protection Plan and ask your Realtor to help you get signed up.

Last updated Feb 11, 2019