1-Year-Old Girl Creates $30,000 Education Savings Plan


1-Year-Old Girl Creates $30,000 Education Savings PlanKids are Getting Smarter all the Time

One-year-old Anna is a smart little girl. She was concerned that her parents wouldn't be able to afford to send her to college or university when the time came, so she did a little research and found a solution. After making some calculations and checking out a few government grants, Anna discovered that her parents could actually save up to $30,000 in an RESP account by the time she graduated high school!

$30,000? Really?!

Since the Federal Government is increasing the Universal Child Care Benefit by $60 a month, Anna figured out that her parents could deposit their newly found $60/month into an RESP savings plan and apply for the appropriate federal and provincial grants through First Foundation Financial. According to her calculations, Anna would have at least $30,000 to put towards her post-secondary education by the time she graduates from high school, a tidy sum for a smart girl with a future in finance.

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Now obviously Anna is not real, but First Foundation Financial is, so get in touch with us today – we're here to help you reach your financial goals.

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