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About Tyler Pfeiffer, CFP, CIM

Tyler got his start in the financial services industry in 1999 and worked his way up to managing the financial services department for one of Western Canada's largest insurance brokerages. However looking for a new challenge, Tyler joined First Foundation in May of 2014 to manage our financial services division with the goal of offering comprehensive financial planning to our clients.

First Foundation is set up to help people "own" things of value, "grow" in knowledge and net worth and "protect" themselves and their loved ones... Tyler kinda straddles the line, he is definitely the guy you want helping you to grow your assets, but he is also able to protect you through life insurance.

Born and raised in Alberta, Tyler is married to Tammy and they have two daughters, Megan & Hallie. When you ask him what takes up most of his time... he will tell you it's chasing the boys away from his daughters!

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6 fast facts about Tyler

  • Tyler holds his CFP designation (Certified Financial Planner)
  • Tyler throws rocks, this is a curling reference
  • Pfeiffer has 3 Fs, how many people do you know who have 3 Fs in their last name?
  • The actual last name Pfeiffer does not follow the rule i before e except after c (in case you try to search his last name in your email down the road)
  • Tyler really knows his stuff, not just because he has a designation, but because he is really smart
  • Tyler is an all around nice guy and takes care of his clients

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If you are looking for someone to help you figure out a financial plan or to advise on life insurance without making you feel small... Tyler is your guy.

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Phone: 780.432.8139
Fax: 780.432.4133
Toll Free: 1.866.702.7678
Email: tpfeiffer [at] firstfoundation [dot] ca *
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